Where To Find Camo Wedding Rings for Him and Her

Where To Find Camo Wedding Rings for Him and Her

For early 20 Years SouthernSistersDesigns.com has been a manufacturer and retailer of traditional his and her camouflage wedding bands. The difference is now that the selection has gotten much larger and the fine metals have gotten much nicer. The most common metal used for both men’s and women’s camouflage wedding rings are tungsten. One of the most popular settings is the women’s camouflage engagement ring and the men’s traditional hunting camo band that is in 8mm. The women’s sizes are typically in 6mm. If you are trying to keep to the same camo wedding them fo the country girls and boys then the camouflage wedding set is one of the most popular. You can also find Cowboy and Angel wedding ring sets as well. Choose from the many different southern and country options.

Camouflage Ring Choices

Some of the different camo pattern options are traditional woods or outdoors pattern in green or a brownish color. The top sellers include the women’s pink camo ad the men’s traditional black tungsten men’s camo ring that the men really love. The women have a choice of 6mm or 8mm sizes but also in the black tungsten or silve tungsten bands on the banded rings or titanium metals on the women’s rings.

Most companies want to charge over $100 per ring for premium tungsten. Check out SouthernSistersDesigns.com for premium tungsten camo rings in sizes ranging from 4 all the way up to 16. The women’s sizes typically go from 4 through 12. The men’s sizes range from 7 up to 16. Both the men’s and women’s sizes are available in half ring sizes as well.

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