How To Transport Your Wedding Dress Safely

How To Transport Your Wedding Dress Safely

If you want to transport your wedding dress, you need to follow some basic rules. First of all, you have to be sure that the dress is not too big. If it is, the TSA may require extra screening. If you’re not sure what rules apply in your airport, you should plan to arrive early to ensure that you can make the screening in time. However, if you do not need to transport your wedding dress internationally or interstate then there are a other options too.

Use a courier service

To transport your wedding dress safely, you’ll need a strong box that can hold the entire dress. A box that is too small can cause damage to the dress. Also, choose the right folding technique for the material of your dress. If you choose too loose a folding technique, it can ruin the fabric of the dress. The right folding method should fit your dress into the box without squishing it.

When shipping your wedding dress, make sure you use a reputable removalists Adelaide courier service. Make sure the package contains a label that identifies the gown. It’s a good idea to add insurance to your package as well. Insured packages will be treated better than uninsured ones.

Transport by driving

Whether you are having a destination wedding or are planning to drive to your destination, you need to know how to transport your wedding dress safely by your own car. First, you need to pack the dress properly. It should be stored in a garment bag and transported in the backseat of your car, laid down or hung up to prevent damage.

Alternatively, you can hire a van that has plenty of space. When hiring a car transport service, be sure to check online reviews. You should always keep the bridal gown in a garment bag when transporting it by your own car. If you cannot afford a professional bag, you can use a fitted sheet, or a large garbage bag. Regardless of the choice, you need to leave enough room for the dress, so you do not risk any damage or wrinkling to it.

Transport by Taxi Service

If you’re worried about how to transport your wedding dress safely by taxi service, you’re not alone. It can be an expensive process. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on the service. Ride-share apps and personal vehicles are inexpensive alternatives. Taxis are also an affordable option, however while these services can be inexpensive. There is no guarantee of the handling of your wedding dress. A chartered courier service often specialize in working with wedding parties. Many pride themselves on providing exceptional service. However, you should consider the price before you make the decision. Many companies advertise low hourly rates, but then charge extra for gas and service fees. Some may require that you book for three hours or more.

To ensure that your wedding gown is protected from damage, try to transport it in a flat position. This will prevent any wrinkles from forming. You may also want to bring a handheld steamer. This will help you take care of your dress at the last minute.

Transport by plane

If you’re traveling by air, you’ll need to take special precautions in order to make sure your wedding dress is safe while on board the plane. You can purchase a special seat for the dress to ensure its safety. You should also purchase a garment box or bag that is specifically designed for transporting dresses. Regardless of which method you use, you must surround your dress with acid-free tissue paper to protect it from the plane’s cabin humidity. If your dress is large, you’ll want to pack it in a garment bag with a zipper. Alternatively, you can fold it over multiple times and pack it in a box. 

Once you have chosen your travel carrier, you can begin the process of packing your wedding dress. It’s important to remember that you should never check it in with your regular luggage. Ideally, you’ll be able to carry your wedding dress as hand luggage. Some airlines even have closets for these items in first and business class and it should be your very first question when you arrive to check-in. In addition, many airlines now offer steamers and other services that can remove creases from wedding dresses.

Ship it if made internationally

Sometimes, your designer of choice may not be in your own country and hence we need to then ship your wedding dress internationally for your wedding, it is essential that it be properly packed. Make sure to use padding and other materials to protect it from damage during transport. Also, be aware that customs duties and taxes may apply. To avoid these costs, plan ahead. Some carriers, such as FedEx, offer international tracking. 

You should also make sure to secure your wedding dress with heavy-duty packing tape. This prevents it from bursting open while being shipped. An expedited service will help it arrive a little faster too.

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