A Gift Guide to Actually Good Secret Santa Presents

A Gift Guide to Actually Good Secret Santa Presents

Christmas is definitely the best holiday of the year, but it also comes with a dreaded tradition of Secret Santa. Although the gift exchange itself is a wonderful thing, it is often played in companies where people don’t know each other too well, and if no one comes with the idea of setting a budget and making a wishlist, getting the right presents can become a pain. If you are engaged in Secret Santa at work or in your family circle and you don’t want to get someone the basic presents that they won’t use, here is a list of gift ideas that are actually good. 

Water Bottle 

Everyone needs a reusable water bottle, so this present is a foolproof choice that is sure to be appreciated. Crafted from durable materials, these bottles are stylish and eco-friendly, reducing single-use plastic waste which is so important in today’s realms. Choose a bottle that features a leak-proof design that will make it practical and easy to carry everywhere. 

Handmade Mug 

Another essential for enjoying a hot beverage, a pottery handmade mug is a much more appealing version of the basic “Best Boss” or “Merry Christmas” cups. Irish pottery mugs are made of high-quality materials and are handcrafted to last a lifetime without losing their original design. From funny cartoon sheep to fancy earthy colors, there are plenty of options online at https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/irish-pottery and you won’t have any trouble finding a great one for this year’s Secret Santa. 

Self-Care Kit

During winter months, it is not unusual to feel like your skin gets drier, itchier, and more irritated because of the cold air and lack of moisture, so a self care kit would be a much appreciated present. You can buy pre-made ones or try making one yourself according to the recipient’s preferences, and it can include lip balms, hand lotion, hydrating face creams, sheet masks, and other things that can help beat the winter cold. 


The beginning of a new year calls for a new planner, especially for those who work a corporate or stressful job and require to have all their tasks written down. There are so many planners in bookstores and online stationary shops that it is impossible to not find the right one. For a luxurious present, choose a notebook with a leather cover in a solid, muted shade, or go for a bright pattern to add a dash of color in the recipient’s life. 

Power Bank

A compact and powerful portable charger is a lifesaver for anyone who has an active lifestyle, ensuring that all their devices stay charged throughout the day. Such a power bank can be used when traveling, going camping, or for a long day at work to be connected and stay in touch with the loved ones no matter the circumstances. Make sure to pick a portable charger that is small enough to be carried around yet still has enough power for at least two full charges.

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