6 common types of Cowboy Hats with unique shapes and style!

6 common types of Cowboy Hats with unique shapes and style!

Despite what era we live in, cowboy hats will always have a separate fan base in the fashion industry. These have been popular for around 150 years in the western fashion, elevating in different styles and creations as the fashion industry has risen up. American Cowboy hats were first invented in 1865 by John B. Stetson which was designed as a tall rounded crown with round flat brim. 

Modern day fashion is a vastly growing industry which has led people to create their own masterpieces by taking up the most basic design and rebooting it magnificently. Those were the days when movies made us romanticize heroes, saddle up with a cowboy hat, gun in one hand running towards the villain. If you too fantasize that time or if you are getting curious about the types of cowboy hats available currently, then this article will give you the insight of that. So let’s get started.

6 types of Cowboy Hats!

1. Cattleman

Most popular and common among the enthusiasts, cattleman is a style of cowboy hat that you might have generally seen in movies and shows. This style has evolved to create a distinction between the rodeo riders and ranch owners. With a taller and narrower crown measured around four to five inches, it has two creases upwards on both sides with one crease down in the center. Cattleman is considered to be the gentleman’s style and is also worn in formal events including weddings. 

2. Pinch front Crease

The pinch front crease is a classic western styled hat, with two common crown styles combined that is of the tear-drop and the diamond crown. Pinch front crease has a crown that is also quite alike to the formal fedoras, trilbies, and outback-style hats the main difference being a wider brim that is curled up. This type of shape generally comes out as a great choice for women as it highlights the elegance of the face shape. 

3. Telescope 

Telescope or more commonly known as the gambler crease is a Mexican origin which is worn by the Charros, the Mexican Cowboys. The built of the hat is to adapt for the hotter climate as it has a lower crown with wider brim that not only protects from the sun’s heat but also hot air from accumulating. Fur or felt material is used in its manufacturing making it light, comfy and a great alternative to the traditional cowboy hat. 

4. Open Crown

With a round crown and no creases, the open crown hat is a flat-brimmed round hat that does not turn up. It is also made popular by the name of the 10-gallon hat which is rumored to be received by its capability of holding 10-gallon water. In fact, it is called a 10-gallon hat as the Mexican vaqueros wore braided hats similar to this that were named as gallons.

5. Brick

Similar in style to the cattleman’s hat, brick hat is a great fit for the windy and rainy weather, which is also compatible to be worn with formals in such events. Brick hat has a square-shaped crown which makes it distinct from the cattleman hat. It has a curled up brim with a rectangular crown that makes it look similar to a brick. 

6. Derby

Most commonly recognized as the hats worn during the Victorian era, the derby hats originated in England. The hats were created by an Englishman named Bowler, by whose name these are known in America. In the beginning years the hats were only popular in England. However, the later years saw them gain popularity in America as well, as the people liked the look and elegance of the hats. With a smooth round crown, the hat has no dimples and offers a short brim with thick material built to give warmth. 


Our article about the types of hats ends here, we hope you have found it insightful and build up the curiosity to learn more about the hats.

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